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Meet Destanee Jones Your New Favorite Esthetician

This week I had the amazing opportunity to talk with a very talented local esthetician who is just starting to launch her business. Destanee Jones, owner of Embellish Esthetics, is based out of Aubrey, Texas. Destanee is very humble, caring for her customers, and family oriented.

Check out the dialogue from our conversation below!

Q (Secily): What made you want to become an esthetician?

A (Destanee): I knew since high school that I enjoyed skin care, but it became 100% when I turned 21 and started struggling with adult acne. During that time, I also noticed there weren't many dermatologists catering to black women's skin care needs near me. They didn't really focus on the uniqueness of my skin but instead they were focused on selling me product after product. I wanted to do something about that, so I started on my journey to become an esthetician.

Q: What is your favorite thing about being an esthetician so far?

A: I love being able to see changes in people and helping them feel better about themselves. It's amazing to see the transformations that my customers go through from when they start working with me to reaching their individual skin care goal.

Q: Where do you see your business in 5 years?

A: I'm praying to open a med-spa based salon of my own. I want to continue growing and reaching new clientele all over D/FW and I'm hoping to launch my own skin care product line.

Q: How do you attract new clients?

A: That's something I'm still learning how to do. I've been posting on social media and relying on word-of-mouth from positive interactions and outcomes with my customers. I also have new business cards and I plan to start going out to more networking events.

Q: What services do you offer?

A: I offer a variety of facial treatments, body waxing, and vajacials. What I feel sets me apart from other estheticians is I take time with each client to understand what their goals are and what they would each like to work on respectively rather than treating them like just another client to sell products to. I offer a warm, friendly environment that gives each of my clients a sense that they are comfortable, and we can take time to slow down and really address their individual needs.

Embellish Esthetics' official launch date is anticipated on June 18th of this year. Check out Destanee's work on her social media, linked below, which is also the best way to reach her for appointment scheduling.

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