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Fashion On A Budget (Animal Print)

Leopard print is a trend that has been around for a long time. After the release of Tiger King on Netflix, it became even more popular along with snake print. I’m going to show you how to get your animal print fix, without the crazy prices.

This beautiful jumpsuit is from Pretty Little Thing, but as you can see it’s over $50. Now let me introduce you to one of my favorite finds of the Summer.

I found this beauty at my local Walmart, in the clearance section for only $9.

It’s definitely one of my favorite jumpsuits so far. I tied the belt on backwards, to give it a more seamless look at the front.

Another great Walmart find for me, we’re these snake print booties. They are almost identical to a pair that Steve Madden sells for almost triple the price of what they are at Walmart.

My last animal print tip is to always try Plato’s Closet. You never know what you’ll find there. I was lucky enough to score this entire outfit for less than $20.

Keep in mind that Plato’s Closet is basically a thrift store, so these exact items won’t be at which ever one you go to. Happy Hunting!

-Secily J.

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Aubrey friedman
Aubrey friedman
20 avr. 2022

Those Walmart booties are they best. They are great quality for the price!


Aaliyah C.
Aaliyah C.
27 mai 2020

Love the Plato’s closet outfit! It’s my favorite 💜

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