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Battle Line Rivalry

On Friday I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Battle Line Rivalry game in Columbia Missouri. Prior to the game my husband and I got to explore the beautiful campus. We got some amazing photos of the oldest State University West of the Mississippi.

Before the game I was also able to interact with a few of the players. Martez Manuel, Ennis Rakestraw, Sam Horn, Tavorus Jones, and Jaylon Carlies.

(Sam Horn one of the quarterbacks. He's a Freshman from Lawrenceville, GA.)

(Senior Defensive Back Martez Emanuel from Columbia, MO.)

(Running Back Tavorus Jones. He's a Freshman from El Paso, TX.)

(From left Sophomore Ennis Rakestraw Jr., from Dallas Texas and Junior Jaylon Carlies from Orlando, Fla.)

These boys were extremely humble and determined to win. Hers's what they had to say prior to kickoff.

The atmosphere was amazing the entire time, Mizzou and Arkansas both have amazing fans. here's a few pictures and videos showcasing that.

After the game we were able to catch up with a few family members, including my younger cousin Malik Chavis who happens to play for the Razorbacks.

Once again thank you Mizzou for your hospitality, and congratulations on the win!

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